Shared Kitchen

The Plant’s Shared Kitchen Is Coming Soon…

Plant Chicago Kitchen Design

The Kitchen will be a roughly 4,300 sq/ft facility within The Plant that food producers and educators will be able to share and rent on an as needed basis. Shared commercial kitchen spaces are a huge benefit to the community and local economy, as they lower the overhead cost of leasing/purchasing kitchen space and equipment by providing a shared-use model, while at the same time eliminating many of the barriers that impede the start up of new businesses.

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We need your input!

Are you or anyone you know in search of a commercial kitchen space in Chicago? Do you have a killer idea for a food truck but have nowhere to produce your product? Do you want to scale your home-based food business to expand beyond farmer’s markets into large retail shops? Do you need a commercial kitchen space for community and educational events? Let us know by viewing our draft kitchen design and filling out the form below. We are starting the planning phase of our shared kitchen space and need feedback from the community. The better we can understand your needs, the better our kitchen can serve the community.