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Food Truck Rally 2014

Plant Chicago’s third annual Monster Food Truck Rally was a day of great food, music, and fun! With tours of The Plant, treats from several of Chicago’s favorite food trucks and vendors of The Plant, and live music, there was plenty to see and do. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the day’s events […]

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Preserving the Harvest Workshop

Enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables year round by preserving the season’s harvest! Learn the basics of preservation from the farmers at Patchwork Farms, including canning, fermenting, and freezing. Preserving the Harvest workshop participants will gain an understanding of the range of products that can be preserved, as well as the best methods for different […]

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The Plant’s volunteer program is taking a summer break

We love our volunteers! Volunteers continue to be a critical part of The Plant’s success, and we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that has been put into the project. To continue to improve this great program, The Plant is taking a summer break! There will be no scheduled volunteer orientation sessions during the months of August […]

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