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In-kind and monetary donations go to Plant Chicago, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to promote circular economies of food production, energy conservation, and material reuse.

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Your donations allow us to provide free tours and hand-on education programs for Back of the Yard residents and schools.

Your gift today will allow Plant Chicago to achieve two important goals for 2016:

  • Expanding free and low cost STEM educational programming
  • Increasing participation in the local sustainable food movement, especially for low-income families on the south side

If you give $10: you fund a tour of The Plant for a resident of our south side community
If you give $25: you supply market money for a low-income family in Chicago
If you give $50: you buy lunch for our hardworking Saturday volunteers
If you give $200: you fund a hands-on “Closed Loop in the Classroom education program for a Chicago Public School group

PLEDGE BEFORE DECEMBER 5TH, 2015, and you will be entered in to a drawing to win one of three lightweight backpacks from Patagonia, filled with swag and food from The Plant ($150 value).



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2015 Accomplishments

Farmers MarketLaunched the Back of the Yards Community Market, a year-round farmers market featuring tenants of the plant and other startup food entrepreneurs from Chicago. We met our goals of attracting local neighbors and visitors from around the world to visit the market. Our ability to accept LINK (and double its value) made us an attractive place for many Chicagoans to pick up unique locally-produced food.

Information on our year-round Monthly Market

Provided an awesome educational experience for over 1,000 Chicagoland students. Every year we have more and more school groups visiting The Plant to see a local closed-loop food system in action. We make sure students have a blast checking out The Plant’s many cool features, while exploring key STEM topics.

Learn more about our educational programming

Hosted tour groups from around the world. We provide private building tours during the week, allowing tour groups a behind-the-scenes look at The Plant. This year we hosted filmmakers from Cuba, a government delegation from The Netherlands, Senator Dick Durbin, leaders from the US EPA and USDA, and many Chicago-based groups.

Schedule a group or public tour of The Plant

Increased our engagement with the Back of the Yards community. This year we became a member of the Back of the Yards Peace & Educcommunityation Coalition, launched a Spanish-language tour program, held a free Back to School BBQ for neighborhood residents and received a grant from the USDA to support bilingual farmers market outreach!

Designed and constructed new closed-loop demonstration projects. We’re working on making The Plant a closed-loop food system and inspiring others to do the same. We developed an algae bioreactor that runs on waste from the shrimp farm and a black soldier fly farm to compost meat scraps. We’re currently experimenting with a mini anaerobic digester and fish food recipes!

Worked with thousands of amazing volunteers. We onboard 30-40 new volunteers every month. Volunteers work on everything from deconstruction to composting at The Plant. Plant Chicago also receives volunteer assistance in the form of technology design/enchicagogineering, web development, farmers market operations and plenty of art! We are so thankful for the over 2,200 hours of volunteer help already logged this year.

Get details on volunteering and sign up for an orientation

Hired an Executive Director! Jonathan Pereira joined Plant Chicago as Executive Director in August 2015. Pereira has been working in science and arts education for over 15 years, specializing in developing environmental education and youth development programs in urban areas.

Read more about our new Director

Received the Grant for Good, a collaboration among top Chicago-based flastirms to provide us with re-branding, website and design support. Through the Grant for Good, we have been working with an amazing array of creative and caring professionals. As a result, Plant Chicago will be launching a new website, branding and updated organizational goals in early 2016.
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