Tours / Events

Visit The Plant!

Visiting us for a tour, workshop, or public event is a great way to understand what we’re doing at The Plant. Please be aware that The Plant is still very much under construction and plan accordingly. See our notes about Children and Seniors and Guests with Disabilities below.

Public Tours

On our 60 minute in-depth tour, you’ll learn about everything from aquaponic farming to creating our own renewable energy. Tours are available to the public at the following times:

  • Saturdays at 2pm

Information on public tours and how to purchase tickets can be found on our Public Tours page.

Group Tours

For groups of 10 or more, we can arrange for a separate tour. Please see our Group Tours page for more information on group tours.

Classes and Workshops

Visit our Classes and Workshops page for updated listings of our offerings.

Children visiting The Plant

The Plant is still very much a construction zone; therefore, we must restrict access as follows:

  • Children under 10 are not allowed into the building. Infants who will be carried throughout the building are allowed in at no cost.
  • Children between 10 and 14 are allowed into the building only if accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
  • Children over 14 are allowed into the building either on their own or as part of a student group, but need have an adult to student ratio of 1:10. To arrange for a group tour, please visit this page.

We have every intention of allowing schoolchildren of all ages into the building in the future for educational programming. However, until we finish construction and/or have a specific education space, we must restrict access to ensure everyone’s safety.

Seniors and Guests with Disabilities at The Plant

Seniors and guests with mobility disabilities should please be aware The Plant is not currently accessible to wheelchairs or guests with significant mobility issues. While we plan to make The Plant fully accessible as soon as we are able, we are unfortunately not at that stage of development yet. We appreciate your patience as we transform this enormous building with our limited resources.

Location & Parking

The Plant is located at 1400 W. 46th St., Chicago, IL 60647. It is accessible by public transit and there is plenty of parking available. Please see our Contact page for information on how to get to The Plant.

Video Taping & Photographs

While you are welcome to take photographs of any area in The Plant that is not a tenant space, our tenants have the right to restrict photographs as they wish.

Videos are only allowed on a pre-approval basis. If you would like to take any video footage of The Plant, please email us at tours[at] All video footage will be strictly subject to our review before posting.