Welcome, Mayor Emanuel!

We were delighted to have Mayor Emanuel visit The Plant on Friday, March 9th! Also joining us was our wonderful Alderman, Pat Dowell. John took both on a tour of the building and they discussed future plans for The Plant. The group also discussed Chicago’s burgeoning urban agriculture movement and the best ways to support it.

It was a great connection and enjoyable tour. Thanks to everyone who made the visit a success!

One Response to “Welcome, Mayor Emanuel!”

  1. Jonas Nilsson June 3, 2012 7:16 am

    In Malmoe in the south of sweden just opposite Copenhagen, the politicians have realized that Clean Tech and Urban agriculture is the future.
    They want the City to be a place where new, energy efficient and new technologies gets implemented.
    It seems like it´s the same positive winds of change that is taking place in Chicago.

    It is time to start a network where we can help each other with ideasm advices and best practices. (pardon for my rusty english)

    Jonas Nilsson